Beauty Salon

Kozmetika, elektrokozmetika, hidrodermabrázió, mikrodermabrázió, ldm, vákuummasszázs, mikromasszázsMy beauty salon - “Kutassy Krisztina Kozmetika” - is located in the 12th district, at 58-62 Zugligeti road, at Zugliget Klinika. In my beauty salon, I use Ionto-Comed electro-cosmetic devices as well as professional products by Laneche and Skeyndor. Being a beauty therapist, I provide professional treatment to customers with all skin types and elaborate beauty programs that are tailored to everyone’s needs and consist of a series of treatments if required. To achieve the utmost efficiency of these programs, I combine traditional and the newest cosmetic treatments as necessary and also use state-of-the-art electro-cosmetic devices to get even better results. In my beauty salon, I also do as much as I can to have my customers forget their day-to-day problems while they enhance their beauty and to ensure that the time they spend in my salon is also a time of relaxation.

My customers prefer to use the products used for salon treatments also in their homes, each day, in order to maintain the condition of their skin with the help of products that are of the best quality and are most suitable for their skin. Now they can also purchase these products for use between two treatments from their homes, by placing orders in my webshop (

Please visit my salon so that I can introduce myself and you can be assured that you place your skin in good hands. For more information on the beauty treatments I offer, please visit my home page at: (Hungarian)