Permanent Make-up

We wear medical micro-pigmenting and permanent make-up for long years, thus it is imperative that we should only engage a professional do permanent make-up for us; whom we have previously met, who has convinced us with her expertise and references that we are placing our appearance in the best of hands possible. The point is, there may be immense differences between the expertise of medical micro-pigmenting specialists or permanent make-up stylists and thus, between the quality and lastingness of work performed. I prepare natural-looking permanent make-up for eyes, lips, and eyebrows. You can see this for yourself if you look at the photos in my Photo Gallery, where you can also look at copies of my certificates. You can also visit my permanent make up web page where you can read more on the permanent make up I prepare and can also find detailed information, prices as well as photos with zoom-in function. (Permanent make-up, Hungarian)

By preparing paramedical permanent makeup, we can achieve spectacular aesthetical correction via the complete or partial restoration of the nipples and the areola. We can camouflage hair loss via re-pigmentation when hair is missing in patches, whereas, we can improve our appearances by correcting surgical scars or by “reproducing” hair lost.

Following restoration surgeries in the case of lagostoma, we can achieve completely natural looking lips and can correct the scar above the lips. In the case of vitiligo illnesses, the surface of the skin will receive a uniform colour.

You can read more of this topic at my webpage: (Medical micro-pigmentation, Hungarian)

If you are scared of pain – although most of my customers leave saying they expected worse – anaesthesia is also available against a separate fee, via an injection administered by a doctor in the case of paramedical permanent makeup on eyes and lips. When preparing other permanent makeup, I apply local anaesthesia.

The Nouveau Contour micropigmenting device